Outpatient Oncology & Infusion Services

Our Outpatient Oncology & Infusion Unit provides patients with chemotherapy and medical infusion services in a calm, comfortable setting. Care in the unit is provided by oncology-certified nurses, whose primary concern is the safety of our patients, patient and family education and support, ongoing evaluation of our patients’ progress, and patient/family coping mechanisms.
The focus of patient care is to maintain our patients’ health, independence and role in the community. Discharge planning and assessment are an ongoing process including the nurse, patient and family. Patients are encouraged to become an active participant in their care and decision-making process. Psychosocial, emotional and physical needs are evaluated and communicated to all members of the healthcare team.

Cancer Specific Treatments

  • Chemotherapy and biological drugs
  • Medications to fight anemia
  • Medications to fight low white blood cell counts
  • Medications to prevent nausea

We cooperate with reliable distributors to provide our customers with high-quality and licensed medications. Among our vendors, there are My Bend Pill Box, Blink Health Pharmacy, Fred’s Pharmacy.

Outpatient Oncology is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Comfortable reclining chairs and two private rooms allow patients to receive care in a relaxed setting. Please call 561-263-4465 for more information about our Outpatient Oncology Unit.