3D Mammography (Tomosynthesis)

Introducing Breast Tomosynthesis, the latest advance in digital breast imaging. Jupiter Medical Center's Margaret W. Niedland Breast Center and the Niedland Breast Center in Legacy Place, both offer this revolutionary technology to our patients.

Tomosynthesis provides 3D imaging of the breast to ensure diagnostic accuracy to find breast cancer at an earlier stage. This technology is especially useful for women with dense breast tissue.

This breakthrough technology has been proven to provide an 8% increase in breast cancer detection, with a 25% decrease in callback rates to find those cancers.

Breast tomosynthesis is performed on a digital full field mammography unit that is able to acquire multiple low-dose images of a compressed breast from different angles. These images are then reconstructed and can be viewed individually or dynamically. Because of the 3D imaging capability, radiologists are now able to view breast tissue layer by layer, one millimeter at a time.

This technology is extremely useful for all women, especially those who have dense breast tissue. On a traditional digital mammogram, dense breast tissue appears white and sometimes can hide masses, such as cancer. Breast tomosynthesis will overcome this obstacle.

Radiologists are able to see suspicious areas more clearly, decreasing the need to come back for additional imaging. This is a huge step toward alleviating fear and anxiety. Women who have dense breasts, those who are having their first baseline mammogram, or women with a greater than 15% calculated lifetime risk of breast cancer are good candidates for tomosynthesis.

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